Myths of digital natives

“Ritual is another word that needs a new definition. Ritual, as I use the term, refers to an artistic process by which people gather and unify themselves in order to confront the challenges of their
existence.” (Anna Halprin)

Globalization and digitalization have made the world difficult to manage. The search for transcendental meaning has long since discovered more than just the sphere of consumtion. "Hypercultures" (Han) with innumerable individual narratives are emerging through the Internet. Traditional cultural spaces are superimposed and penetrated. Apart from Western binary categories, new scenarios of digitality, nature and gender are emerging. Digital natives take their mythologies into their own hands! The installation demonstrates this new practice of myth production. Art objects and consumer products are brought into narrative connections and tested for their spiritual impact. Individual narratives, as an artistic strategy, are led from the digital to the material and manifest themselves as artifacts of global affiliation.


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